Diversity & 领导项目

你可以在W&J学院多元化办公室 & 领导项目. det365app提供各种各样的项目, events, 也为det365app的社区探索种族话题提供了机会, gender, 性取向, 社会经济地位, and religion. You'll find campus-wide diversity and inclusion events such as monthly cultural heritage celebrations, 以多样性和社会正义为重点的讲习班, 以及观点系列讨论.


多元化办公室 & 领导力倡议与多元文化的学生组织合作, 包括亚洲文化协会, 黑人学生会, 弯直联盟, Hillel, 拉丁美洲文化协会, 设计和主持活动,以支持学生的不同身份, faculty, and staff. 无论你怎么识别, there's space for you here and ways for you to collaborate with others and participate in events and initiatives to strengthen our collective community. Join us at any event and be part of the dialogue that makes our campus mission of scholarship, 社区服务, 全球公民意识活跃起来.